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Driving 911 - part 2

Study for Driving from the Ch.1 Test B sheet

What are the parts of the highway transportation system (HTS)? people, vehicles, and roadways
The major parts of the HTS are the people who use the system, the vehicles used, and the roadways used by people
Pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists in the HTS are all called roadway users
A state's driving-related laws are found in its vehicle code
Driving-related laws passed by a state's legislature are found in its vehicle owner's manual
Driving is a social task because drivers must interact with each other
The greatest problem most beginning drivers face is their inability to make decisions
What IPDE step do you use when you apply the brakes to stop? execute
When you determine how to adjust speed or position, which IPDE step are you using? decide
What must a driver do first to process traffic information accurately? identify
What system is a method for managing the space around your vehicle? Zone Control System
When driving in traffic, the defensive driver expects unexpected driving situations
Which aspect of driving is most affected by attitudes? driver behavior
If you demonstrate good attitudes toward driving, you can gain the respect of others
Good drivers deal with drivers who cannot or will not perform in a safe and responsible manner by compensating for them
Two examples of HTS breakdowns are traffic tie-ups and collisions
Of all the possible causes of collisions, what is by far the most common? driver error
A collision occurs at night between a vehicle with a dirty windshield and one driven by an upset driver. This example illustrates that most collisions have a number of causes
The high collision rate of beginning drivers is due mostly to lack of experience
The best term used to describe a vehicle hitting another object is collision
What do more young people die from than any other single cause? motor vehicle accidents
To manage the effects of vehicles on the environment use fuel-efficient driving methods
Which of the following is not a special program connected with a state's driver's license? a. implied consent b. excise tax c. provisional license d. organ donor excise tax
Learning to drive is a continuous process
A driver's education course gives you a good start toward becoming a skillful driver.
Created by: Shanree
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